Big Sisters-invest

Why Invest in Girls?

While we desire a world where all children get a high-quality education, we invest in girls education because the evidence strongly shows highly favorable results, such as:

  1. HIGHER ECONOMIC RETURNS. Without support, girls are more likely to be pulled out of school at a young age. Research has shown that interventions in girls’ education have a higher economic return.
  2. MORE EFFICIENT USE OF FUNDS. Research has shown that income in the hands of women is more likely to be used on family expenditures such as education and food.
  3. INCREASED CONFIDENCE AND A VOICE. Girls’ education gives them a voice to fight gender specific forms of oppression, such as rape, forced marriage, and employment discrimination.
  4. EMPOWERMENT FOR THE FUTURE. Girls’ education empowers them to become civic leaders and fight for social needs that particularly impact women as well as their own communities; for example, investment in water and sanitation.

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