Clinton talks girl’s education on The Daily Show

“When you put all of the girls in the world in school and you give all the young women access to the labor market, it’s the number one thing you can do, that is supported morally across all cultures, to slow population growth and increase income. Empowering women. It’s no accident that Rwanda has quadrupled its per capita income in the last ten years, coming out of that genocide, and has the only parliament in the world that’s majority female and women have total access to the economic and political life of the country.”

You can watch the whole interview, including his discussion of the Clinton Global Initiative that Coumba will participating in, here.

Update: The Clinton Global Initiative has announced that ANFE and Girls to School’s commitment, “Empowering Girls and Women in Mauritania” will be featured on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Fifth Annual Meeting. According to the Clinton Global Initiative “Your commitment was selected from a larger pool of member commitments as an exemplary approach to addressing a specific global challenge.”

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