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COVID-19 Struggles

While all of us have been impacted by COVID-19 this year, the pandemic has been disastrous to the lives of girls and their families in Mauritania. Mauritania closed schools early at the end of March 2020 due to… Read More

Girls to School 2017 Newsletter


We’re excited to share with you the impact you had and what we were able to accomplish together over the past year in Mauritania, West Africa! Since last September, Girls to School has: Educated 106 girls across nine… Read More

The Guardian: “Arming” Girls with Education

The Guardian’s Global Development blog posted an excellent article today titled, Education is a Powerful Weapon, So Let’s Arm Young Girls With It. They explain, “Reducing child marriage, providing access to health services, and getting more girls to stay… Read More

Girls from Ecole Savior

Girls in school! These are the girls who have been sponsored through Girls to School, thanks to our amazing donors.

Microloans + Education = An End to Poverty


Almost half the children in the world are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, over 93 million children are out of school – the majority: girls. Girls to School is addressing this injustice in West Africa through established… Read More

Join the Girls to School Family!

The anticipation is growing for so many girls in Mauritania as they await the school year to begin this October. Many of them have been sponsored in the past and are excited to know that their sponsor will… Read More