You Can Make it Happen

We have a long waiting list of girls excited about the possibility of going to school this fall, but who lack the funds to do so.

A donation of $200 provides a scholarship to send a girl to school for one year. Sponsors will receive a profile of the girl they sponsor and information about her progress over the year in school.

If $200 is too much, any amount helps:

  • $50 provides things like clothes, food, and tutoring for a girl in school for one year.
  • $25 gives a woman a loan for economic development.
  • $5 provides basic school supplies for a girl for one year.

Groups can also gather money to sponsor a girl. We have had a book club and church groups sponsor girls. A book club with 10 people just needs $20 per person to send a girl to school.

Send a girl to school!

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